Philips DVD+R 120 Minute Capacity

Specifications: With Philips DR4S6Q00F 16x 4.7 GB DVD+R Media suitable for high-quality storage of photo, audio and video files, you can store large amounts of data easily with this product

This is ideal for all of your media storage needs including up to 2 hours of video clips and movies! With 16x write speeds, it takes just minutes to create a disc!


Philips 16x 4.7 GB 120-Minute DVD+R Media 100-Piece Spindle Specifications:

100-piece spindle
16x maximum write speed
4.7 GB storage capacity (120-minutes)
High capacity
Long-term data storage

Package Includes:

Philips 16x 4.7 GB 120-Minute DVD+R Media 100-Piece Spindle

Additional Information:

P/N: DR4S6Q00F/17
Model: DR4S6Q00F
UPC: 6 0985 17455 9

Product Requirements:
DVD+R/RW drive
DVD burning software

More Information:

Philips DM4S6H00F/17 100 Pack 16X DVD-R Spindle – PHILIPS 100PK 16X DVD-R This 100-pack bulk pack of recordable DVDs from Philips is compatible with most DVD players and computer-based DVD drives. Each disc holds up to 4.7GB of music, video or other data and records at speeds up to 16x. With DVD-R Media, just one disc type is suitable for both Video and Data recordings. Philips DVD-R Video and data recording Media plays on existing and future DVD Video and DVD-Rom players, and is suitable for video recordings in the latest mpeg2 format (two hours on a disc). The 4.7GB capacity holds as much data as seven standard CD’s.

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