My Purpose and Intent

My Purpose and Intent | What Will You Do When Your Hard Drive Fails? |
You Can Fix It Before It Happens

My purpose of this Article/Tutorial, is to share my information and experiences over a 10 year period that have worked for me in a number of instances. I want to share this with a Newbie or Intermediate PC user by showing YOU HOW YOU CAN “Clone” your Pc’s Hard Drive before it fails, in order to prevent that dark, dismal day of having to not only lose applications and data but
preventing YOU from reinstalling YOUR entire system.

It is my intent to show you HOW. I will provide you with a Step-By-Step Tutorial with screen shots explaining exactly how “You Can Fix It ” in order to create your own “Hard Drive Clone”.

Tutorial Level:
This tutorial is primarily geared toward the “The New User” , INTERMEDIATES, and/or those who have NEVER CLONED a Hard Drive before.

Warning: This tutorial is lengthy and detailed which I have broken down
to contain six parts.

These Six Parts Will Demonstrate The Following:
Part 1, “Preparing A New Hard Drive”
Part 2, “Prior To Adding A New Hard Drive”
Part 3, “Adding A New Hard Drive”
Part 4, “Partitioning A New Hard Drive”
Part 5, “A Word of Caution”, then, How To Clone A Hard Drive”
Part 6, “How To Clone A Hard Drive” , continued to the end
System and software requirements.

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