Cloning Your Hard Drive

• How To Clone A Hard Drive (contd.)

Disk Clone Wizard” Window (contd.)

Step 28: Hard Disk Drives Structure window

“Disk Clone Wizard” (Final Operations Window)
In the “Disk Clone Wizard” (Final Operations Window) above, It says “Acronis True Image is ready to perform operations with physical data. Here is the list of these operations”.

They Are As follows:
Operation 1 of 3
Clearing disk
Hard disk: 8
(Reflects our example disk, which is the New Destination Disk to be Coned)

Operation 2 of 3 (Reboot required)
(A Reboot is required in order to carry out the cloning operations)

Copying partiton
Hard disk: 3 -> 8,
(3 being our old source drive and 8 being our new destination drive
that will be cloned).

Drive letter: C:|
(this is the Old drive cloning to the New Drive

(Which contains C: XP Operating System)

File System: NTFS
(Confirms that we chose NTSF as our File System).

Volume label XP System
(Though, we originally left this blank, the new clone will take on the
Volume label of the Old Source C: Drive.

Size: 152.7 GB -> 152.7 GB
(Our old drive is 152.7 GB the same as our new drive, 152.7 GB)

Operation 3 of 3
Copying MBR
Hard disk: 3 -> 8
(MBR is abbreviation for Master Boot Record which contains all of the boot information that will be transferred during the cloning process).

After you have reviewed the above information “Please click Proceed to start”
the cloning process.

Your next window will be the “Warning” window.

• How To Clone A Hard Drive (contd.)

Step 28: Warning window

The “Warning” window above says, “A reboot is required for completing this operation; the operation will be cancelled if you choose not to reboot now”.
Press the Reboot Buttonin order to continue the cloning process.

Pressing the Reboot Button will reboot your computer and when it reboots the cloning
process will begin.

There will be a progress bar and depending on the speed of your system and the size of your hard drive the clone times will vary. For my 160 GB drive, on my system the clone time was about 20-40 minutes.

When the cloning process has completed you will get a window that says, Congratulations! “Clone Successfully completed”.

When your drive has successfully completed cloning it is suggested that you remove your newly cloned drive and replace it with your original source drive. Now reboot your computer with your newly cloned drive in order to test it out.

After it has proven successful, keep your old source drive as a spare, putting it on the shelf for when that day comes that your hard drive fails, or keep your newly cloned drive as the spare and continue using your Original Source Drive.

Just as a matter of practice, I keep a few clones on the shelf at a time. That’s just me.
I would keep at least one or more depending on your comfort level.

You now have a spare that you can swap out for that bad drive, and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes with all of your original Operating System, data and application files that you had on your original drive before it failed.

Congratulations you now have successfully learned “How To Clone A Hard Drive” and have taken the time and initiative to “Fix It Before It Happens”.

Though this tutorial was quite detailed and lengthy, I want to point out that this entire process of actually going through these tutorial steps to Add and Partition your new hard drive in real time, will take about 30 seconds to a minute from the time you Add your new drive to a USB enclosure, (if you chose to do that), or from the time you place it into your vacant drive bay.

After your New Destination Hard drive is partitioned and added to the system, and you reboot to choose the cloning process, this will take about another 30 seconds once you become familiar with this entire process. Then of course you have the cloning time, not included in this set up time.

I trust that you have found this tutorial to be a valuable learning tool, that will save you hours if not days of having to re-install your entire system when your hard drive
finally fails.

If you can see the benefit of cloning your hard drive as a result of this tutorial you may wish to purchase Acronis True Image Home 2012 here.

Thank you for taking the time to view my tutorial and trust you will truly benefit from it.

Happy Computing,

Michael Breskin


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