Adding A New Hard Drive

• Adding A New Hard Drive

Step 3: Launching Acronis True Image Home 2010:






Now that you have CLEARLY made note of YOUR necessary Hard Drive Label information and installed your drive in either a USB External Enclosure or vacant drive bay, we can now SAFELY proceed to “Adding Your New Hard Drive”.

Locate YOUR Acronis True Image Home Application Icon and click or double click it to launch. An example of this Icon is located at the top left:

• Adding A New Hard Drive (contd.)

Step 4: Splash Screen Indicator After/During

Launching Acronis True Image Home










After SUCCESSFULLY launching Acronis, you will get this Splash Screen that says Acronis True Image.

When the Splash Screen completes the launch, a “Confirmation” window will then appear.

• Adding A New Hard Drive (contd.)

Step 5: Confirmation Window





As per the screen above, you will now get a Confirmation window.

This Confirmation window is an acknowledgment that you are about to
 a NEW Hard Drive.

Select “Yes” by clicking the “Yes” button, in order to continue the
process of adding
your NEW drive.

This will now bring you to the “Add New Disk Wizard”, which
will say
”Welcome to the Add New Disk Wizard!” in the window.

• Adding A New Hard Drive (contd.)
Step 6: “Add New Disk Wizard”, Welcome Window


After having Clicked “Yes” in the previous step, you are now in the “Add New Disk Wizard”, “Welcome to the Add New Disk Wizard!” window.

It says, “This Wizard will help you to add a new hard disk drive to your computer. You will be able to prepare the new hard disk drive for using by creating and formatting new partitions on this hard disk”.

Click “Next” to continue unless for some reason you want to Cancel.

By clicking “Next” you will still continue to be in the “Add New Disk Wizard”.
The next screen will now say “Destination Hard Disk” in the window.

• “Adding A New Hard Drive”: (contd.)

Step 7: Still in the “Add New Disk Wizard” (contd.), this next screen is the
“Destination Hard Disk” Window.


Looking above in the “Destination Hard Disk” Window, toward the bottom of the screen, just above the Green Stripe, you will see a Blue Hi-Lited line of information. This is for my NEW drive that I want to ADD. From Left to right, you will see Disk 8, with a Capacity of 152.7 GB, a Model Number whose Model is: WD 1600AAJS-00L7A0, and whose Interface indicates it to be a USB drive. Additionally there is a four digit number, 3E01 that follows which is not part of the model number. This appears to be a four digit number allocated by the system which also helps to identify the new drive that will be added.

Just below this, to the left is a Square Hard Drive Icon that shows a capacity of
152.7 GB. To the right of the square icon you notice a long, rectangular box that will say “Unallocated” at the bottom left, under the Green Stripe with a hard drive capacity under that. (Mine says 152.7 GB). The Green Stripe at the top indicates this is a NEW hard drive that is going to be ADDED.

Now notice in YOUR window, with a list of YOUR installed
hard drive(s).

1. Use the Capacity and Model Number from your Label Information to locate your new drive that you want to ADD.

If you installed your new drive temporarily in a USB EXTERNAL enclosure, under the Interface column you will see USB after the Model Number. This may help you to find and identify your new drive quicker that you want to ADD, especially if there are no other USB drives connected.

2. When you find it, click once to select it.


3. Please pay very close and careful attention to selecting your NEW Hard drive while properly identifying it with your specific Model Number that you wrote down from your Label Information, otherwise you will permanently destroy all information on the WRONGLY SELECTED DRIVE!!!

4. When you are certain of making the correct selection,
Click “Next”
to continue.

We are still continuing in the “Add New Disk Wizard”. Your next window will now say, “Nonempty Destination Hard Disk”.

• Adding A New Hard Drive: (contd.),

Add New Disk Wizard , (contd.),

Step 8: Nonempty Destination Hard Disk Window


In the “Nonempty Destination Hard Disk” window above, I always choose the Green, Radio button above top left, choosing to “Delete partitions on the destination hard disk”. All partitions will be put back and duplicated once we clone the new drive.

Please continue to Part 4 of 6 of this tutorial, “Creating A Partition”.

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