Prior To Adding A New Hard Drive

• Prior To Adding A New Hard Drive To The System

Step 2: Temporarily Installing The New Hard Drive Into A USB Enclosure:














Step 2:

We will now temporarily install the new drive into a USB External Enclosure in order to help prevent selecting the wrong drive while ADDING it to your system. This is strongly suggested, but not mandatory.

This will help prevent you from choosing the wrong drive to ADD, because the system will automatically flag it as a USB drive in the “NEW Hard Drive Selection WINDOW”. This will help you to CLEARLY differentiate between the NEW drive MODEL you are about to ADD and the existing drive models that have already been added to your system.

Before we Begin to ADD our new hard drive, please install your NEW drive in either a USB EXTERNAL enclosure, (which I strongly suggest), or in in one of your free drive bays that are available.

Please continue to Part 3 of 6 of this tutorial, “Adding A New Hard Drive”.


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