Preparing A New Hard Drive

• Preparing A NEW Hard Drive To Add To The System
Step 1: Gathering Hard Drive Label Information:


This is Part 1 of 6 of the tutorial. My example above shows a Western Digital Hard Drive Label that will show the following steps, how to prepare a NEWLY purchased Western Digital Hard Drive PRIOR to “Adding It” to the System.

Before performing any Tasks to your New drive it is very important that you write down the following information from your HARD DRIVE LABEL:

Step 1. As per the screen shot example above, from your NEW HARD DRIVE LABEL, write down the Make, Size, Serial Number, and Model Number of YOUR NEW drive.

In the label example above, my information for my particular drive is indicated by the following:
The Magenta circle and arrow indicate the MAKE to be a Western Digital hard drive. Circled just below in Green with an arrow is the SIZE, which is 160GB. Below that, circled in Yellow with an arrow is the Serial Number. At the very bottom, MOST IMPORTANTLY, circled in Blue with an arrow, is the MODEL number which is, MDL: WD1600AAJS-00L7A0.

Additionally, the reason for noting the Serial Number is in case there is a problem with your new drive you will need to contact the Manufacturer or company for a replacement. They will always require you to locate it in order to replace your warranty drive should it be defective.

As we continue with this tutorial, you will see the importance as to why this Label Information is EXTREMELY important. It will enable you to keep organized and avoid confusion when it comes time to choosing your NEW hard drive for a selected Task using Acronis. Additionally, this label information will ultimately prevent you from choosing a wrong, existing drive which can happen very easily if you don’t have this information at hand as well as preventing the destruction of information if you were to choose the wrong drive. Please continue here to Part 2 of 6 of this tutorial.

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