Cloning A Hard Drive Defined

I would like to introduce one definition of the word “Clone,” “Clone,” defined by the Merriam Webster-Dictionary. Definition 2: defined by the Merriam Webster-Dictionary. Definition 2: “One”, that appears to be a copy of an original form: “Duplicate”, a clone of a personal computer, (PC), in this case a Hard Drive Clone as it pertains to this tutorial.

I will be using a product called Acronis True Image Home 2010, (an earlier version), to demonstrate this tutorial. By learning to use this information and software, you will be able to have an EXACT duplicate “Hard Drive Clone”. This will essentially create a Hard Drive Clone of your hard drive with all of its Windows’ Operating System’s applications, files and folders fully installed, preventing this tedious task of having to start the installation of a new system.

Just think of learning to use this software as an insurance policy, that will prevent hours and or days of having to reinstall your system should your hard drive fail. Eventually, all hard drives will fail! What will you do when it does? Will you be ready? “You Can Fix It Before It Happens!” A word of caution before we get started.

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