About You Can Fix It Before It Happens

Welcome to “You Can Fix It Before It Happens”. This website is where the Pc user having a Windows Operating System can learn how to clone a hard drive by learning how to use Acronis True Image Home 2010 in order to prepare for a Hard Drive Failure.

Though this web site is primarily geared toward “The New User”, anyone who would like to become familiar with HOW to use this software in order to maintain their pc can benefit from this website.

This software has many uses and more tutorials will be added later. For now I am introducing my first tutorial, “How To Clone A Hard Drive” using Acronis True Image Home. Later, I intend to share more information through demonstrating and instructing the different aspects of using this software.

I trust that this tutorial, “How To Clone A Hard Drive”, will not only enable you to be prepared when your hard drive fails but will also save you hours if not days from having to re-install your system. Additionally, it will have you up and running in “MINUTES” because all you will have to do is swap out your “Old”, failed hard drive for your “New Clone”, and you will be good to go. If you would like to learn How To Clone A Hard Drive, please visit my tutorial here.

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